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September 16 2014


What are pain killers?

Chronic pain conditions cause serious damage to the quality of life and cause great suffer over a long time. Patients with chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and other illnesses suffer with great pain, and are forced to deal with drugs violate a "stronger" than, prescribed by a physician only.

This is the family of anti-inflammatory drugs like Otvuon or Selecsos and slightly narcotic drugs like oxycodone and morphine.

Painkillers available by prescription only drugs are very effective but widely used can cause complications, so it is very important before using to make a medical evaluation including comprehensive medical history, comorbidities, and use of other drugs - in an effort to avoid various complications after the use of drugs.

The Selecsosib drug is a drug that selective COX-2 inhibitor family (the new generation NSAIDs), and is mainly used in the treatment of arthritis (rheumatoid and degenerative), and strong pain. A common drug used in the field of orthopedics, and very helpful for people suffering from recurrent tendons and muscles, and right in many people's pain is significantly relieved.

Use Selecsosib done twice a day (preferably after a meal), and the usual dose is 400 mg per day. Unlike other analgesics, the effect of Selecsosib takes time, and sometimes the relief is felt only after 24 hours. However, this is a very effective drug that helps to significantly improve pain over time.

The main side effect of Selecsosib is cardiovascular events - using VSelecsosib in people with cardiovascular disease or are at risk for these diseases (kidney patients, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.) may lead to vascular disease and increase the risk of incidents of heart attack and stroke. Therefore, the use of this medicine in people at risk given the physician's discretion and should be done in a controlled and monitored.

In addition, the drug Selecsosib harmful interactions with other medications, so it is very important to check how well it fits with the use of other drugs.

Very severe pain not improve after using other drugs, narcotic medication may be given as oxycodone or morphine. This opiate family of drugs, which causes pain relief and a sense of euphoria and considered very dangerous because of the potential for addiction Rabbi severe side effects.

Therefore, the use of these drugs is carried out while closely, and cessation of use is carried out gradually in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

The use of oxycodone and morphine can be made by bullets, syrup or intravenous (especially morphine) and makes an immediate impact and rapid pain relief.

The side effects of these drugs are weakness, fatigue, euphoria, constipation, and confusion, and very influential people who take them, and therefore should be avoided whenever possible drugs in this family.

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